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Fast Facts:

Fawns are born early June. Come see how tiny they are. “Bottle times” and “Treat Times” are scheduled in June, July and August.

Our deer do not drop their antlers until Feb, March and April. Our last buck always sheds his antlers around April 15th.

About us:

We opened in 1990. We are a family owned & operated business, and we are on our third generation of deer in our deer family. We are a place to pet and feed the deer and learn all about them.

This is not a hunting ranch.
We hope you will enjoy bringing your dear family to visit our deer family.

Wild Fawns:

Attention: It is illegal to take a fawn out of the wild.

No, the mother did not abandon it. Mothers never lay with their fawns. They put them in good hiding places and check on them many times of the day. They are good at hiding so predators do not find them.